Below you will find a selection of articles that feature ocean related topics and are illustrated with Kahi Kai ® Images.

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The Last Monk Seals…

Despite numerous warnings to preserve the monk seal species, populations of this wonderful mammal continues to decrease in numbers because threats of poaching, entanglement in fishing gear, habitat destruction, pollution, diseases and decreased food availability. The time is crucial to encourage and support people to protect the last living monk seals. read full article here: 

A close up into the coral reef: the corallite

From sacred stones to jewelry, from prehistoric time to today, corals have always been an important center of interest for humans. But what are corals? Despite their fragile appearance, how can they build entire and rock solid coastlines? Have you ever wondered how a coral would look like without its soft skin? Here we present you some rarely seen details of the coral reef. read full article here: