free pictures?

We receive often requests for free images. 

While we do our best to satisfy these demands, especially if they concern education and outreach projects, we are not always able to follow up in a timely manner or give away our images for free. 

There are various reasons for that and we hope that the following section can provide a general explanation, avoid misconceptions and will provide a friendly framework for future interactions. 

We put most of our free time in promoting our ocean legacy to the next generations via our non profit organization Kahi Kai ®- one ocean, and try to support local non profits for various education and outreach projects with our images or imaging techniques. 

While buying, maintaining and replacing professional photography material (camera, lenses, memory, computer, back-ups, software etc) is quite expensive, imaging, sorting and editing images, creating and maintaining databases and web sites is very time consuming. In addition, technical knowledge and creativity that leads to unique images require long years of experience. 

However, in addition to all these cost, professional photographers also have to pay the same bills as anybody else. 

Most of the time when we receive requests for free images we are offered proper photo credit in return as a "free advertisement" for the photographer. Well, providing a correct photo credit is not something that should be offered to a photographer in return, but it should be considered obvious as the photographer was the person who created the image. In addition, a proper photo credit does not help paying the bills.

While we entirely understand that some projects have only limited budgets, we hope that we were able to explain why we're not able to positively respond to all "free image" requests we receive. 

Mahalo for your understanding, 

Aldine and Eric